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Julio Angel Y Trio Los Condes Ternura maurzacc




Category:Puerto Rican musical groupsCardiovascular protection from intracellular alkalinization in coronary endothelial cells. The mechanism of the cardiovascular protection afforded by acute alkalinization of the vascular wall, secondary to metabolic acidosis, is not well understood. The present studies were designed to determine whether intracellular alkalinization mediated by HCO-3 influx (or efflux) by membrane transport mechanisms is sufficient to reduce the accumulation of cytosolic Ca2+ and attenuate the cardiac contractile response to ischemia. Cells isolated from adult canine coronary artery endothelium loaded with fura-2 were studied in a modification of the dual wavelength microfluorimetric technique for intracellular free Ca2+. When extracellular pH was adjusted to 7.0 by NH4Cl, acidosis elicited a concentration-dependent decrease in Ca2+ influx, an effect that was blocked by intracellular addition of CO2/HCO3. This effect was also reproduced by replacing extracellular Na+ with N-methyl-D-glucamine. In contrast, intracellular alkalinization with 10 mM HCO3- was associated with a concentration-dependent increase in Ca2+ efflux, an effect also blocked by CO2/HCO3. Intracellular alkalinization with NH4Cl or HCO3- was not associated with an alteration in either the activity of the plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase or the phosphorylation of Ca2+-phosphatase. In parallel studies, contractile performance of isolated heart was assessed using a paired heart perfusion model. Our data indicate that intracellular alkalinization is sufficient to reduce the contractile response to ischemia in isolated heart. These data suggest that intracellular alkalinization may be a critical factor in the prevention of coronary vasospasm in response to metabolic acidosis.Hamburg and Denmark, each with three points from their opening games, meet on Tuesday night in the first of two Group H matches. Ajax, despite being beaten in the Amsterdam Arena in October by hosts Russia, could continue to harbour hope of a repeat with a victory. However, Denmark, who bounced back from a 7-0 mauling against Spain with a 4-1 win over Iceland, are determined to finish as Group H runners-up. "We are determined to finish second," said Olsen. "If we get at least two points





Julio Angel Y Trio Los Condes Ternura maurzacc

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